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Things You Need When Laddu Gopal Comes Home

Things You Need When Laddu Gopal Comes Home

Shri Krishna is the supreme god of love, tenderness and care. Most Hindus worship the lord by getting his childhood version at home and serve like their own family member.

It is believed that worshipping Laddu Gopal brings happiness in the family and a childless couple could be blessed with a baby. 

When should you get Laddu Gopal at home?

People believe that whenever the deity wants to come to your home, he will. But there are various auspicious days when one can bring him to home such as Ekadashi, Poornima, Akshay Tritiya. Apart from these days, Janmashtami is the most favorable day when one can get him.

If you’re getting Laddu Gopal at home for the first time, Pran Pratishtha (refers to the rite or ceremony by which a statue (murti) is consecrated in a Hindu temple, wherein hymns and mantra are recited to invite the deity to be resident guest and the statue’s eye is opened for the first time) is done. Either you yourself can do it or can call a priest for the procedure.

Pran Pratishta

It’s a process completed ideally in 5 days. It starts with buying the statue of the deity. While buying Shri Krishna’s statue, ask the lord to come to your place and give you a chance to serve him like a family member. Once you get him home, only open the box when you want to start the procedure. Do not forget to name your lord.

For the process, you need a big vessel. Place the statue of the lord in it without any clothes or accessories. Cover the lord’s eyes with a red or yellow cloth. Sink him in with rice or whole wheat (gehu) such that even his head shouldn’t be visible. Cover the vessel with a red cloth and tie it. Leave it as it is. While doing the process keep chanting mantra- “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah”

Next morning uncover the vessel and take out rice or whole wheat (gehu). In place of that, put vegetables (raw) in it such that Laddu Gopal is drowned in it. Cover the vessel again and tie it. On the third day, take out vegetables and put fruits in it. On the fourth day, put flowers [Marigold (genda), rose or any fragrant flower for that matter]. Cover the vessel and tie it.

SAVE rice or whole wheat (gehu), vegetables, fruits and flowers for DONATION.
The reason behind this process is, the way in which a child gets nourishment in the mother’s womb, same way this is the process of giving nourishment to Bal Gopal.

On the fifth day, in Brahma Muhurta (an auspicious period of 48 minutes that begins 1 hour 36 minutes before sunrise and ends 48 minutes before it) take the lord out of the vessel and keep it in a plate. Simultaneously, keep chanting mantra- Hare Ram Hare Ram, Ram Ram Hare Hare, Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare

Give your lord a bath with Panchamrit (mixture of milk, curd, ghee, honey and sugar) and in the last with Holy water (Ganga Jal). After bathing, shift Laddu Gopal in a clean plate. Take a mirror and place it in front of the lord. Now, open the blindfold from his eyes. Remember, the lord should face directly to the mirror so that the emotions and energy that he has got from puja sinks in him only. 

After this, mix pure water with rose water (Gulab Jal) and bathe him with the same. It is always good to make Laddu Gopal bathe with shell (Shankh). Very gently wipe all the water with a fresh towel. Make him ready with a Laddu Gopal Dress and decorate him with his accessories. Place a peacock feather either on his mukut or on his side. Apply Itra (perfume), Chandan Tilak, Kajal in his eyes and at the back of ears, place a flute in his hands. After Laddu Gopal’s Shringar, show him in the mirror and place him on his chair/bed (Singhasan).

Light the lamp (Jyot) and always do Ganesh Puja before worshipping Laddu Gopal. Chant this mantra while Ganpati Puja – “Om Gan Ganpate Namah”
Prepare Bhog for the deity with fruits, flowers, lamp and sweets (Panjiri). Do put Tulsi in Laddu Gopal’s Bhog as he doesn’t accept food without it. Chant this mantra while doing Laddu Gopal Puja- “Om Bal Gopalaye Namah” Donate wheat or rice, vegetables, fruits etc. used in puja. Before donating, keep some fruits for prasad.

One can celebrate the event by organizing Havan, Satya Narayan Puja, Shri Krishna Chalisa, Bhagavad Gita Paath, etc. Donate food and money to the poor.
Introduce the lord as your relative to everybody.

Serve him everyday just like you serve a newborn baby. From waking him up in the morning to bathe him & offer food. For that, one would need Laddu Gopal Poshaks and accessories. Visit Upasak Puja Samagri Store for your Bal Gopal’s everyday needs.

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