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Buy Navratri Gifts Items for Kanjak Pooja Online

Navratri gifts for Kanjak Pooja online are becoming a contemporary vogue when it comes to picking up and purchasing the best one that the little girls will like. Mata Rani is decorated with 16 adornments in Navratri. According to the belief, whoever offers Devi Solah Shringar to the mother queen in Navaratri brings happiness, prosperity and blessings of unbroken good fortune in her home.

Kanya Pooja or Kanjak Puja, The fest of the aroma of halwa, fluffy pooris and dry chana that every little girl awaits for!

Navratri Gifts For Kanjak

Kanjak is celebrated either on the eighth or ninth day of Navratri, which is a festival dedicated to the nine incarnations of Maa durga. Kanjak is another way of paying gratefulness to the supreme goddess.

Conventionally, on this day we feed nine girls with the meal of halwa, poori and chana made at home in pure ghee and served fresh.

Post all these things, when the girls are about to leave, they are given attractive gifts which can include n number of things. For those ladies who want to follow the custom of kanya pujan, albeit in a modern way with some amazing Kanjak Gifts, here are some simple yet unequalled ideas regarding Navratri gifts for Kanjak.

Goodie Container

  • Gift a “Goodie container” loaded with anything and everything that little kids love. From chocolates to candies, hair clips to earrings, colorful pens to a stationary kit, you can include anything. You can buy these individual stuff in wholesale and assemble them as Gifts for Kanjak Pooja.

Set of Art Supplies

  • A “set of art supplies” can be another option for you if you are looking for navratri gifts for kanjak A whole kit having drawing sheets, water colors, different types of pens etc.

Decorative Pencil Stands

  • Navratri gifts for Kanjak commonly include gifting stationary. But you can stand out by giving “decorative pencil stands” as a gift for this occasion.

Sequined Stuffs

  • “Sequined stuffs” are the current fashionable trend among kids. So giving them some stuff made out of sequin like sequined clips, tees, pencil kits etc can be an alternative to the other common navratri gifts for kanjak.

Locker Piggy Bank

  • Collecting pocket money in a playful manner is also very prominent among kids. Gifting a “locker piggy bank” can prove to be a discrete idea for this festival.

Cusomized Shaped Chocolates

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