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Buy Laddu Gopal Dress on our virtually accessible pooja store, Upasak. Pick up from large assortment of Laddu Gopal handmade dresses and beautify your Bal Gopal.

Laddu Gopal or Kanha Ji or Bal Gopal is the infant form of Sri Krishna. The most endearing and illustrious in the hearts of Sri Krishna followers. Only praying him is not adequate. Caring forms an inherent part of worshipping Lord Laddu Gopal.

In the flow of pious emotion, the joyfulness of dressing, offering, and embracing your lordship is so esoteric that your eyes merry with life and words fell short to depict its beauty.

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Since ages, sages are describing how one should perform seva for Laddu Gopal and dress the lord as per the day and occasion. Sri Laddu Gopal is dressed in different colours according to the days of the week. On occasions like Janmashtmi and Amavasya, yellow and black colored dress is preferred.

Range over a great variety of handcrafted yet colourful Laddu Gopal Designer Poshaks to dress up your Bal Krishna every day. Buy Laddu Gopal Dress for your Natkhat Kanha Ji.

The appealing forte about the Laddu Gopal Dresses at our store is the imaginativeness put in by the designers. Apart from the regular sort of dresses, you will get something unparalleled in the form of magnificent yet classy designs.

We make handmade Laddu Gopal Dress with flowers, ribbons, sobre beads, crafty pom pom balls etc while with varied sizes as per your necessity.

So, what are you waiting for?

Explore the varieties we have! Make them yours or gift Laddu Gopal Dress to your loved ones!

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