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How To Dress How To Dress Up Laddu Gopal

How To Dress Up Laddu Gopal?

Krishna, being a major deity is known as the eighth avatar of Vishnu and is worshipped as supreme god. Hindus believe that he is the god of compassion, tenderness and love.
The son of Vasudeva and Devaki was adored for his mischievous pranks. Other than that he also performed miracles and punished demons.

The child Krishna (Bal krishna) is depicted crawling on his hands and knees with a ball of butter in his one hand. Devotees serve and worship bal krishna with love by keeping the lord in home temples. They believe that Lord Krishna brings happiness, prosperity and good luck for their family members. Laddu Gopal and Bal Gopal are Krishna’s childhood names. This form of Krishna is treated just like a baby boy. He has to be bathed everyday, needs a cradle to swing, food to eat and shringar to wear which includes poshak, mukut and other accessories.

Krishna’s dressing up is a custom. Its importance is understood not only on special occasions, but every day by people who believe in Krishna. The joy of dressing, offering, caring and embracing your Lordship- in flow of devotional love is highly mystical.

Dressing up Kanha Ji involves a few rituals that you should follow:

Bathing Laddu Gopal

This is the first and most important step. Just like you take a shower everyday, your Laddu Gopal also needs to be bathed. To prepare a bath for Bal Gopal you need Ganga jal, tulsi leaf, sandalwood paste (chandan), scented oil, cotton ball or towel and clothes for the Lord.

After Bath

After bathing laddu gopal, he must be wiped with a cotton ball or towel. Next, dress him in new/clean clothes.

Dressing Up Laddu Gopal

Laddu Gopal dresses are purchased by people according to the weather and occasion. In summers, devotees prefer buying cotton/linen/satin dresses whereas, woolen poshaks are preferred in winters.

Krishna Ji was fond of dressing up in different and vibrant colours. Out of all, yellow was constant as the color signifies energy and positivity. Also, Kanha Ji was described as wearing yellow in the holy book of Bhagavad Gita.


Mukut comes matching with the dress or one could mismatch it with the contrasting poshak colors. There are various types of mukuts available including the one which bears a peacock feather, which is said to be one of the lord’s favourite.

Laddu Gopal Shringar

Shringar’s aim is to enhance the beauty of the lord. For Kanha Ji, it is of great importance and is a symbol of beauty and purity. Shringar comprises all the ornaments that a devotee purchases such as earrings, bansuri (flute), Singhasan(bed), cradle, mirror, bracelets, pool, toys, etc.

Though, we don’t need accessories to make our lord look lovely. But as devotees, when we embellish them with precious ornaments and dresses, we feel a sense of adorning the god.


Bhog is the food offered by devotees which they later name it as Prasad. Since milk is Krishna’s favourite, keep a bowl of milk along with other items.

Lightning the Lamp

Light a ghee lamp (Jyot) in front of the Lord along with some incense sticks after feeding him. Offer your prayings by chanting mantras.

Dressing up laddu gopal is a moment of joy that is experienced by the devotees. Get all your Kanha Ji’s poshaks and accessories only on Upasak Puja Samagri Store.

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