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How To Dress Up Laddu Gopal According To Colors Daily?

Have you ever thought of the significance of colours?
Well, color symbolism in India dates back to ancient times. For Hindus, colors play a very important role in the religion and culture and have a very deep significance, transcending purely decorative values.
It was mainly linked to three Guns (qualities)- the combinations of which directed the flow of movement in the Universe.

Indian philosophers believed that there was a link between the three guns and color symbolism. 

These are:

  • Tamas – almost always black. The color of denial, negativity, death and decay.
  • Rajas – associated with red. The color of passion, anger, energy, fire and activity.
  • Sattva – associated with white. It is the exact opposite of black symbolism, which means acceptance, positivity and birth.

Colors play an important part in how we perceive and interact with the world. According to Hindu Mythology everyday in a week has a presiding god of its own. Hindus use colors on deities and their dresses significant of the days of the week. Devotees dress up Laddu Gopal in the same way to remain connected with the planets and increase their prosperity.  

Colors of the week as per Hindu Traditions

Shining Sunday

The week begins with Sunday and this day is ruled by the center of the solar system, the Sun. Sunday is Ravivaar, Ravi being the Sun God or Surya. According to Hindu Mythology, Sunday is the day of Sun hence, colour red is preferred by the people. Devotees also offer red flowers to Surya. Many keep a fast on this day eating just one meal before sunset. 

Kanha ji is dressed up in red on every Sunday. 

Megnificent Monday

As per Hinduism, Monday’s color is white or blue. Monday is presided over by Lord Shiva and blue flowers are offered to him in prayers. Also, Monday is ruled by Chandra (The Moon) hence, white. 

On this day, Laddu Gopal can be dressed up in shades of white or blue.

Tangerine Tuesday

Tuesday is observed as the day of Lord Hanuman. Dress up Laddu Gopal in the orangish shades to keep the spiritual vibes alive. At the same time the planet of this day is Mars whose colors aren’t much different from that of Lord Hanuman.

Vivid Wednesday

Laddu Gopal Peach and Green Woolen Dress

Mercury is the planet for this day. Doll up your Kanha Ji in green on Wednesdays. It is again the day of Lord Shiva. Also, Hindu Mythology says, this day is auspicious to begin any work.

Terrific Thursday

Laddu Gopal Yellow Brown Woolen Dress

Thursday is the day of Lord Vishnu. People wear yellow on this day as Hindu culture says that this color was worn by the lord himself.
This day is presided by the planet Jupiter which is considered as the teacher of all gods.

Glowing Friday

Laddu Gopal Blue and White Woolen Dress

Friday is associated with Venus. Hence, sea green, blue and aquamarine colors are preferred. These colors resemble cool, positivity and calmness.

Radiant Saturday

Saturday is ruled by planet Saturn. Colors used on this day are purple, indigo, mauve, dark grey or black. All these colors are associated with the wrath of Shani (Saturn). 

Hindu culture believes that by wearing specific colors associated with the days of the week, one can avoid bad luck and troubles and bring prosperity and wealth into their lives.

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