Diwali Gifts For Corporates, Budget Diwali Gifts for Employees

Diwali Gifts For Corporates, Budget Diwali Gifts for Employees

Diwali Gifts for Corporates

Diwali Gifts for Corporates & Employees, Why?

Corporate gifting is the practice of creating the point of interaction with employees, clients or prospects through the use of a gift whether giving a physical item or an edible treat or personalised clothing item or via non physical gift such as eGift card.

It is gaining importance now-a-days as it stands synonymous with festivals in the corporate world. It plays a crucial role in maintaining long term relations with your clients, employees and other stakeholders, promoting harmony, spreading the message of love and expressing appreciation. As we all know, Diwali is a festival which demands large amount of gifting stuffs and ideas.

A gift is a culmination of all your thoughts and good wishes, packed gorgeously. Presenting a gift to someone make that person feel special and signifies how much that person is important to you.

What else way you can find to mirror the joy of celebration of Diwali other than by exchanging gifts?

A diwali gift for corporate business, if tactfully presented can help improve business kinship with customers, create goodwill and promote company’s business.

Diwali is a perfect occasion to make the professional bond stronger with your colleagues and clients. This Diwali, acknowledge their valuable contributions through some special corporate Diwali gifts.

Usually when you think of procuring diwali gift hampers for employees, retail shops are often your first choice. Shopping online is not just confined to fashion related purchases anymore. This virtual space has provided all of us with a choice from selecting plants to customized things.

But as of now, with the rapid digitalization people are willing to explore unique diwali gifts for corporate online as well. Also in today’s fast paced world, mere gathering the ingredients for celebrating and worshipping the lord has become arduous when something like ”pooja samagri kits” are available online.

In the business world, it is primal to make your employees feel valued and cared for. You must shower them with goodies from time to time to raise better professional relationships. And this occasion is a great instance for corporate gift giving.

What else can be the pre-eminent preference for someone rather than a full fledged kit which consists of all the mandatory needs for this festive day?

Choose from a huge range of budget diwali gifts for your employees, clients, colleagues and Buy them online from the enclosure of our trusted shelves, our online pooja store, Upasak.

This Diwali, gift your co-workers and colleagues, our Diwali pooja samagri kits, as per your wish and devotion.

Diwali Pooja Samagri Kits for Corporate Gifting

We have distinct Diwali Pooja Samagri kits namely:

  1. Small Diwali Pooja Samagri Kit (23 items),
  2. Medium Diwali Pooja Samagri Kit (27 items),
  3. Large Diwali Pooja Samagri Kit (38 items),
  4. Gold Diwali Pooja Samagri Kit (40 items) and
  5. Executive Diwali Pooja Samagri Kit (50 items)

The small pack has the basic pooja samagri and as we go ahead, the accessories and ingredients expand in terms of additional diwali stickers, idols, diwali decor items, religious books and much more.

Get a move on & come upon our online pooja store, Upasak! Do not look around for products and rely on us for what you chose and picked from our store.

Please note: We also dispatch corporate gifts on behalf of our clients to their employees and other stakeholders, as due to the pandemic, most of the people work from home and sending courier to 100s – 1000s of people is not an easy task.

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